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getting a loan while bankrupt

In Australia, Who Will Give Me a Loan When No One Else Will?

Vadim Ru
May 10, 2024

When Traditional Lenders Close Doors, We Open Windows In moments of financial uncertainty, finding a lender willing to extend a helping hand can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. We understand the frustration, the anxiety, and the sense of hopelessness that comes with being turned away by traditional lenders. But fear not,Know Now

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I Need a Loan Urgently But Have Bad Credit

Vadim Ru
May 10, 2024

How Hock Your Ride Can Provide Urgent Loans for Those with Bad Credit In times of financial urgency, securing a loan can be a daunting task, especially for individuals with less-than-perfect credit history. However, there’s a beacon of hope for those facing this predicament: Hock Your Ride, a reputable car pawn broker company specializing inKnow Now

pawn your motorbike for cash - Hock Your Ride

Hocking your motorbike for cash in an emergency situation

Vadim RU
March 19, 2023

If you are the proud owner of a motorcycle, you know just how exhilarating it is to hit the open road. But, when an unexpected emergency situation arises and you require some quick cash, one solution you may consider is hocking your motorbike for money. While it is not ideal, it can provide the necessaryKnow Now


Cash-Strapped? Get a Loan Against Your Car

Vadim RU
January 22, 2023

If you are in need of cash and haven’t been unable to secure a loan from traditional finance lenders or banks, then a loan against your car with Hock Your Ride could be the solution for you. They offer secured loans against car titles, meaning you can access instant cash by using your vehicle asKnow Now


Money 3 Bad Credit Finance Review

Vadim Ru
November 26, 2022

Money 3 Finance for bad credit is a relatively new fintech company in the industry compared to other finance lenders around. They are growing in size and seem to have established themselves after offering quite a competitive finance product. They have 1,502 reviews on product review online which is incredible. 1,208 submitted 5 star reviews,Know Now


🥇 Cash Loans No Credit Check Required – Instant Cash in 5

Vadim Ru
May 11, 2022

Same Day Cash Loan No Credit Checks Instant Approval Get assistance with a debt that is pressing down on you or some other emergency situation. Wether that be in  Brisbane, Sydney and Gold Coast private money lenders Hock Your Ride can offer you an agreed monetary amount based on your credit and financial needs to secureKnow Now


Small Cash Loans

Vadim Ru
July 29, 2021

If you have been rejected by a bank for short term finance or a private lender. And still looking for a same day small cash loan then you have come to the right place. We all need to borrow some money from time to time. Sometimes, getting even a small amount of cash at theKnow Now

Need a Secured Car Loan? Give Hock Your Ride a Try

Vadim Ru
November 11, 2020

Try a Secured Car Loan for 10k to 50k through Hock Your Ride If you have bad credit, we are here to help you get a secured loan that suits you. It can seem impossible to get finance when you have a poor credit history. Thankfully, you don’t have to accept poor offers with high-Know Now

jacaranda logo finance review

Jacaranda Finance Overview and Review

Vadim Ru
May 31, 2020

Jacaranda Finance provides fast loans with relatively few paperwork requirements. They are registered with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and are a member of the Credit Ombudsmen’s Service.   Jacaranda Finance Loans Offered Their site is divided into different types of loan, with the interest rates varying accordingly. A small personal is classedKnow Now


Need a Cash Loan for the Recession?

Vadim Ru
May 11, 2020

It is no secret that a global recession is on the way. To be honest, the signs were pointing in this direction even before the coronavirus outbreak came along to make it absolutely certain. This is sure to affect us all in different ways, as stock markets crash, economies crumble and unemployment rates rise inKnow Now

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