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A drive away loan means we can give you a certain amount of cash, but you get keep your car while still using it as collateral. You don't have to leave it in our secure holding facility. It's ideal if you need your car day to day.

Criteria for Drive Away Loans
Vehicles not to be older than 8 years and have no more than 140,000km on the clock. Minimum loan amount is $3000.

  • Cash in hand - no credit checks!
  • Bad credit history? No problem.
  • Discretion guaranteed – no calls to your employer
  • Secure, monitored storage facility
  • Fast approval – fill in the form for an immediate evaluation

It's SO easy:



Provide Information

  • Call and give us details of your car or truck. Or fill in an online form. The item to be unencumbered.


Bring in your asset

  • Bring car or truck to our office
  • 2 forms of ID including photo ID
  • Registration Papers or proof of ownership
  • Goods to be stored at our secured premises


Approved Loan

  • Receive Your cash Loan on the spot

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No credit checks. Bad History OK!


    Your information will never be shared We guarantee 100% privacy.

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    We ended up in a bit of a pickle when we were renovating a property. Hock Your Ride explained everything in lots of detail. They were just overall, excellent.

    Susan McKinlay, Self employed home renovator, Alderley.

    I'm a business owner and was having issues with people not paying on time. Hock Your Ride are good to deal with and was just an easy process. I've used them several times since then and referred other people to them.

    John McKenna, Industrial Refrigeration, Nerang.

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    Why choose Hock Your Ride

    • Premium Customer Service
    • Fast Simple & Easy Process
    • No credit checks
    • Bad credit rating or bankruptcy not an issue
    • Easy to understand contract term and conditions
    • We offer private and commercial loans
    • 3000 - 50,000 in your hand in minutes
    • Loans approved in minutes
    • Rapid, expert asset appraisal
    • Experienced, knowledgeable staff

    Fast & Easy Drive Away Loans Queensland


    Do you own a Car, Truck or any machinery, and in need of instant fast cash? Or perhaps you desperately need a loan and don’t want to leave your car behind as collateral! Well, we have something that could help you wipe out all your problems instantly.

    Drive away loans from Hock Your Ride is your number one solution with quick and easy steps to secure instant cash with no credit checks. In fact, it is a NEW and UNIQUE service we are offering our customers in 2019.

    You heard it here first!

    You will not get it anywhere else. Remember, if you cannot leave your car for a pawn loan. Then we can help you get a drive away loan whenever you need it.

    Our Criteria for Drive Away Loans

    Cars/Vehicles not to be older than 8 years and have no more than 140,000km on the clock.

    Minimum loan amount is $3000.

    Why opt for Drive Away Loans in Queensland?

    Picture a case where you need instant cash to pay your employees, sort some monthly bills or settle an emergency hospital bill! Where do you get all that amount at a go? The bank may require a lot of documentation that may take long which is a tiresome and time consuming process. If you decide to call your friend for assistance, they may not have the exact amount you need or perhaps even none.

    This is where Hock Your Ride fast and easy drive away loans comes in to fix all your money problems. We give you the cash you need against your car or truck, and on top of that, you get to keep your car and drive it all along. In fact, no one will notice you have borrowed any money, not even your spouse.

    If you are in need of cash and you don’t want to sell your car, boat, jetski, motorbike, caravan, trailer, truck or any machinery loan against them and arrange for an instant drive away loan with us.


    Why choose Hock Your Ride

    • We offer private, business and commercial loans
    • $1,000, $2000, $5000 or even up to $10,000 in your hand in minutes
    • Flexible Repayment and Loan Terms
    • Loans approved in minutes
    • Rapid, expert asset appraisal


    Secure Drive Away Loan in Queensland

    How Does It Work? Simple…

    Just like any other loan program, you have to submit an application form to us. We will review it and ensure you fulfill the following requirements:

    • You must be at least 18 years old
    • Your motorvehicle must be clear of any finances
    • The vehicle must be insured with legal registration papers
    • You must be the legal owner of the vehicle

    Having met all the requirements above, we will review your financial situation and how much your car is worth. If you have bad credit history, no problem. If your car proves to have much value, we will approve your loan application instantly.


    What Do You Need to Apply for Secure Drive Away Loans?

    Drive away loans are quite similar to other forms of short-term loans. You apply for a loan, we assess it and give you a certain amount of money payable in weekly or monthly installments.

    But, before issuing these loans, we have to ensure that you provide us with some important documents such as:

    • Proof of Identity
    • Proof of Age
    • Original Vehicle Registration.
    • Vehicle Insurance

    With these documents, you are set to obtain a drive away loan from Hock Your Ride and bid goodbye to money problems! That car or vehicle you have may be a true investment in time of need.

    Contact us from one of our offices either in Gold Coast or Brisbane to get all the details on how you can get instant drive away loans against your vehicle. Apply online now!

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    Hock Your Ride is your local, well-known and respected car pawnbroker (Licence No 4717319). We provide reliable, discreet, emergency cash flow relief.

    We are also registered with (ASIC) the Australian Security and Investment Commission (No. 149945371), giving you reassurance in our accreditations.

    note-iconNote: We are not a payday or personal loan lender

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