Vehicle Storage Loans
Store your vehicle and recieve a cash loan or have option for loan

  • Did you know it’s cheaper to pawn your car then pay car storage fees?
  • Leverage Your Car, Ute, Truck, Bike, Jetski, Trailer, Caravan, Machinery or Boat for Cash Today!
  • Why not store your car and get a loan at the same time!
  • Great news we loan up to 60% on your vehicle in storage! No Repayments Until Loan Expiry!

How Much Cash
Can I Get?

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    How Much Cash
    Can I Get?

      Your information will never be shared We guarantee 100% privacy.

      Affordable car storage with option for finance and low fees

      Discover how you can get a cash loan on your car, van, ute, trailer, truck, caravan, jet ski, classic car and even farm machinery while stored.

      You never know when you might need a cash loan instantly right? Well what if you could have your vehicle in storage and just pay the storage fees, but then if you need a loan you can get instant cash in your bank? That sound pretty cool. If you have a vehicle just taking up space at home which is depreciating and costing you money. Why not turn your asset into cash while it is stored, so then you can use that money essentially to invest or pay bills. Everybody knows asset liquidity is very valuable for any business owner. So why not have this as a backup solution for when you need to store your car.

      • To pay off existing debts or commitments that you are struggling with.
      • To fix a car or property that needs some expensive work done on it.
      • To pay for urgent medical or dental treatment that simply can’t wait any longer.
      • To get away on a family holiday.
      • To cover the cost of education fees and materials.
      • Invest the value of your car into shares
      • Use your money however you desire
      • A business backup solution

      As you can see, this is a way of easing the financial strain in a number of different situations. There are also many other issues that we haven’t mentioned here and that may be causing you some sleepless nights. No matter what has happened in your life or employment, getting finance on your car while it is being stored is a great way of using things that you already own to sort it out swiftly. If money worries have been unsettling you in recent days or weeks, this is a great way of easing them and getting back on with enjoying the sort of hassle-free life that you want to live.

      vehicle storage with finance option Brisbane
      safe car storage in Brisbane offering finance

      Store your car and get cash while you go overseas

      Are you looking to travel overseas and need somewhere to store your car? Well have you considered storing your car in our secure storage vehicle facilties while getting a loan on your vehicle instorage? If you are someone who doesn’t have a big place a home or maybe only use your car for work being a FIFO worker. Then maybe storing your car at one of Hock Your Rides car storage facilities is a much smarter option that offers you backup finance. Imagine being on a holiday in Bali and running out of money and needing extra money. Wouldn’t it be amazing knowing that you can get some money because you have your vehicle sitting there worth thousands in storage. It is just another avenue of finance which provides a backup revenue for any families or couples who may be travelling overseas and won’t be needing a car for awhile.

      • A vehicle such as a car, truck, motorbike, boat, caravan, trailer, machinery and more  can be used as collateral
      • You just have to apply online for a same day evaluation for urgent cash in your bank
      • You can store your vehicle with no loan against your car also
      • Have your car in storage with no loan but option to have loan at a later date

      Any of these items can be used to give you access to a fast, smooth loans process. You can then apply online for the amount of cash that you need.
      The exact amount that we can lend you will depend upon the value of the asset that you are using as collateral. The more that it is worth, the easier it is for us to give you the money that you need.
      The loan process is pain-free. Just call our office and provide us with your ID and the paperwork for your vehicle. Your vehicle will be stored in our secure premises until you return for your car.

      car storage in Brisbane with finance while you travel

      How easy is it to store your car with a potential cash loan?

      You will find it is extremely simple to store your car at one of our secure storage facilties in Brisbane. The fees you will pay are less then your monthly storage fees for your main industry vehicle storage operators. They also don’t offer your finance on your car in storage. This is why Hock Your Ride has a one of a kind product on the market. We are helping everyday Australian’s with extra vehicle storage facilties while on holidays with the option for finance. Everybody is eligible if your vehicle is in need of storage.

      Buying a car and putting it into storage

      Are you looking at buying a new car or vehicle like a motor bike, caravan, truck, camper trailer or machinery and don’t have anywhere to store it yet? Then consider using one of Hock Your Rides vehicle storage facilites until you have the space for your new acquisition. It also comes with a backup option for finance on your recently purchased vehicle up to $100,000. That is a pretty great line of credit on your car while it is in storage.

      Why don't you consider storing your car with backup finance

      Are you someone who likes to collect a lot of cars and maybe you don’t have enough storage for some of your classic or vintage cars? Then why not consider storing your car with an option for a cash loan against your car in storage. This is a great way to get extra cash to finish those renovations you have always wanted to finish. If that is the difference between finishing off your backyard for a new property evaluation. Then wouldn’t it be a smart idea to get some extra cash for that car sitting in storage. Or better yet put your car in storage while doing renovations with the option for finance on your car. We are all about helping hard working Australian’s with  alternative finance options for renovations.

      • Your credit history doesn’t get taken into account. You don’t need to
        worry about anything that might have happened in the past, as we
        won’t ask for any details.
      • Your current employment situation isn’t something we look into either.
        You can apply for a loan based on the value of your collateral, without having
        to provide employments details such a letter from your company or
        bank statements.
      • Work out how much you need and we will calculate where your asset is
        worth enough to cover this size of loan.

      Why not make some extra space at home with our unique car storage offering your a cash loan on your items in storage. We understand hard working Australian’s might have a number of reasons why they would like their vehicle in car strage. But most Australian’s end up paying high monthly fees to keep your car in storage with no other benefits. Our car storage in Brisbane offering finance on your car is a one of a kind product. Get in touch with our friendly storage and finance team today.

      car storage in Brisbane offering cash

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