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How Much Cash
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    How Much Cash
    Can I Get?

      Your information will never be shared We guarantee 100% privacy.

      Asset Backed Finance Is an Easy Solution

      Discover how we can help

      Running into money worries is the sort of problem that can affect anyone at any time. It might seem like there is no way out, but we are here to help you to find the ideal solution to get your finances back on the right track again.
      Asset backed finance offers a simple way to use something that you already own to borrow some cash. Because you are using a possession as collateral, we are able to offer an instant loan that meets your needs. This can be for reasons such as the following.

      • To pay off existing debts or commitments that you are struggling with.
      • To fix a car or property that needs some expensive work done on it.
      • To pay for urgent medical or dental treatment that simply can’t wait any longer.
      • To get away on a family holiday.
      • To cover the cost of education fees and materials.

      As you can see, this is a way of easing the financial strain in a number of different situations. There are also many other issues that we haven’t mentioned here and that may be causing you some sleepless nights.
      No matter what has happened in your life or employment, asset backed finance is a way of using things that you already own to sort it out swiftly.
      If money worries have been unsettling you in recent days or weeks, this is a great way of easing them and getting back on with enjoying the sort of hassle-free life that you want to live.

      About asset backed
      finance loans

      What makes this the right option for getting your finances back into shape? Our friendly, professional service has been designed to make it easy for you from the start right through to the very end.

      • A vehicle such as a car, a truck or a boat can be used as collateral
      • You can use equipment or machinery in the same way
      • Property that you own can also be held as collateral when you take out a loan
      • Other possessions that you might want use to get hold of finance more easily are luxury watches and precious metals.

      Any of these items can be used to give you access to a fast, smooth loans process. You can then apply online for the amount of cash that you need.
      The exact amount that we can lend you will depend upon the value of the asset that you are using as collateral. The more that it is worth, the easier it is for us to give you the money that you need.
      The loan process is pain-free. Just come to our office with your ID and the paperwork for the asset. In some cases, we may need to store the item in our secure premises until the loan is fully paid back.

      How easy is it to qualify for asset backed finance?

      You can find out very simply if you are able to borrow money in this way. The first step is to make sure that you have an asset like one of those that we mentioned earlier. It needs to be in your name and you will need to be able to show us the documents that prove this.
      In addition, the item can’t have any other type of loan or security against it. If this is the case, you are ready to go!
      You don’t need to worry about being unemployed, retired or a student. We won’t ask for your employment details and we won’t check your bank details either. As long as you have an asset that we can use to back up the loan.

      The situation regarding poor credit and credit checks

      If your credit history isn’t perfect, you may be worried about your chances of getting approved. Is this something that we will hold against you when a final decision is made on your loan application?
      The simple answer is that we don’t even look at your credit history. The great thing about asset backed finance is that your credit history isn’t a factor that we need to take into account.
      The possession that you are using as collateral is all that we need to be able to hand over the cash. You might have gone bankrupt in the past or defaulted on loans due to your finances getting out of control. We won’t look into this matter or ask you any awkward questions about it.
      All of this means that the asset you own frees you from the hassles of sorting out your credit score or waiting for it to improve over time. Your loan application is now a sweet and simple process that skips past the credit score aspect entirely.

      A final look at the eligibility for
      asset backed loans

      By now, we hope that you are feeling more relaxed about the idea of taking out a loan. You know all that you need to in order to understand whether this kind of asset backed finance is right for you.

      • Your credit history doesn’t get taken into account. You don’t need to
        worry about anything that might have happened in the past, as we
        won’t ask for any details.
      • Your current employment situation isn’t something we look into either.
        You can apply for a loan based on the value of your collateral, without having
        to provide employments details such a letter from your company or
        bank statements.
      • Work out how much you need and we will calculate where your asset is
        worth enough to cover this size of loan.

      As long as you have an asset, you have a way of sorting out your finances with the type of loan that suits you. We look forward to helping you achieve the sort of solution to your financial worries that you deserve.
      Contact us and find out how easy it is to get hold of the cash that you want.

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