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They explained the ins and outs. It put my mind at ease.

The HYR team is really nice, really thorough. They told me the ins and outs – all of the pitfalls and so on. It put my mind at ease. It wasn't a case of 'Here's your money, see you later.' It was a case of explaining everything – like if you were late with payments, if you don't pay it off in 3 months, then what happens, that sort of stuff. You just feel a bit more comfortable when people explain everything to you. Virtually it's just like a bank.

Mike Connochie,

Retired, Tweed.

My bad credit didn't matter to HYR. They were really, really good with me.

I'm in landscaping and just found myself temporarily short of money. I have a bad credit rating, so I couldn't have got a loan anywhere else.
I was only planning on having the loan short term, but then it dragged out and I couldn't find the money to pay it and a few unexpected things happened. They were really, really good about it. It's very good service. No pressure. I mean, there are loan sharks out there and things like that, but HYR is different. They were great in helping me out of a tight spot - no stress, no pressure.

Greg Campbell,

Landscaper, Oxenford.

We wouldn't have got a loan anywhere else.

We needed to get our dogs out of the pound and a friend mentioned that he'd used HYR for his bike and car a while ago. It was the only option available to us, there's no way we could have got any other loan. They were really good to us. No current profession.

Katie, B,

Currently unemployed,

It was hard handing the keys over, but HYR were very good and very reliable.

I work in waste management for the Council and I just needed money at the time to basically pay a few bills out and pay another loan out.

It's a hard decision to make, to basically put your car on loan. It was just kind of hard to hand the keys over in a way, but I knew I was definitely going to get the car back...it was just that initial handover that was hard. It's sort of hard to explain.” But HYR were very good, very reliable and I was able to get the car out when I needed to. I would definitely recommend HYR due to their availability and their service.

Lachlan Dunn,

Waste Management, Stones Corner.

I'd never hocked anything before a business deal went bad.

I'd just started a business and got caught out on a bad deal with a customer. I just needed some short term funding to sort something out. It was the first time in 16 years of being out on my own that I've hocked anything. It's just one of those things - had to be done! So I called first to see if they'd take the trailer that I had. It was quite specialised and specific to a purpose. They were great and saw the value in it right away.

I think they've got a great business and I'd definitely use them again. Hopefully I won't get myself into that position again, but at least if I do, I can call up the Yatala office and say 'Mate, I'm struggling again I need some help'.

Adrian Mitchell,

Importer, Murrarie.

We've built a relationship, so now I'm done and dusted in one phone call.

I'm in welding and fabrication and with the invoices I sent out, some of them were late paying. So it was just easier to hock the boat with HYR to get the money when I needed it. Convenience was the main thing - instead of going to the bank and all that. I just wait for the money to come through and when it does, I go pick up my boat. Done!

HYR's image is good. It's a proper office and the guys you deal with, they're professionals. I've got a relationship with them now where they know me and what I've got. It's just done and dusted in one phone call. I definitely wouldn't consider anyone else.

Doug Stretton,

Fabricator, Gordon Park.

I was having big issues with creditors - HYR made the process easy

I'm a business owner and was having issues with people not paying on time and it was impacting on cashflow. I looked on the internet and found HYR – the team at the Yatala office made it really easy. They're good to deal with and honest...it was just an easy process. I've used them several times since then and referred other people to Yatala.

John McKenna,

Industrial Refrigeration, Nerang.

I needed $15K to cover a shortfall. HYR were really flexible

I'd just built a shop and the build was $15K over budget. I was waiting on some money coming in but needed cash. I already had finance with my bank for something else and didn't want to go through that whole time consuming process with them again.

I made a quick call to Hock Your Ride, to see if there was any flexibility and whether I could get cash in the hand, on the same day. I was really impressed and grateful that Mark at Yatala let me do a drive away loan. He was really flexible and let me use some other equipment as security, as well as my car

Nathan Boyd,

Shopfitter, Springwood.

We were in a bit of a pickle and HYR were the only ones offering what we needed

We ended up in a bit of a pickle when we were renovating a property. We needed to borrow more money and thought we could borrow against our caravan. HYR were the only site that was offering it. When we went in, Tracy explained everything in lots of detail and was very helpful. She said if there was any issues at all to just give her a call. It was just overall, excellent.

Susan McKinlay,

Self employed home renovator, Alderley.

With a consignment loan, I got the money upfront, before my bike sold.

I found HYR after I had a shortfall come up in my business. I'd been thinking about selling my motorbike anyway, so I was planning on putting it on the market and just waiting for a buyer. I was Googling something not long after that and saw and HYR's Consignment Loans.

I called them and pretty much straight away I was sorted. They agreed to sell the bike for me and paid me the money for it upfront – no waiting to sell, no dealing with tyre kickers. The price they offered was very fair and I've been a repeat customer since. I'd definitely recommend HYR to friends of family with similar cashflow problems.

Jackson Belrahy,

FIFO Electrician, Burleigh Heads.

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