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We ended up in a bit of a pickle when we were renovating a property. Hock Your Ride explained everything in lots of detail. They were just overall, excellent.

Susan McKinlay, Self employed home renovator, Alderley.

I'm a business owner and was having issues with people not paying on time. Hock Your Ride are good to deal with and was just an easy process. I've used them several times since then and referred other people to them.

John McKenna, Industrial Refrigeration, Nerang.

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Your Easy Steps To No Credit Check Cash Loans

Fast No Credit Check Loans For People With Bad Credit or Poor Credit

car keys on cash with mini car

We will lend up to $90K against your vehicle

  • You need to own a vehicle to pawn it.
  • Your vehicle needs to be free of any finance.
  • Bring your vehicle to our Car Pawn Shop.

 Ownership and ID verification

  • Need 2 x Id: Licence, Medicare or Bank Card.
  • We need car Registration or Sales papers.
  • We will verify ownership and identification.
man holding 100 dollar notes giving to customer for instant cash loan

 Give key and get money!

  • We will value your car & offer you cash loan.
  • Upon offer acceptance –the loan is processed.
  • You will receive Cash and your Car is stored till repaid.

Our Location

3/2 Elderslie Rd Yatala QLD 4207
242 George Street, Liverpool, NSW 2170

Further Information

Get in touch with us in order to schedule a no-obligation approval today.

Tel:  02 9267 1836

Hock Your Ride Loans – Secured No Credit Check Loans Offer

Loan Type: A Secured Loan – Borrowed Against your car, bike, boat, truck or machinery.
Loan Amount: $1000* to $80,000* – No credit or background checks
Loan Period:  3 Month less or more – 100% confidential process
Loan Processing Time: Loan and cash in 30 Minutes* – Flexible Repayment & loan terms
Who Can Get: 
  • Anybody who requires a loan, be it private or business, bad credit borrowers, bankrupt, employed or Unemployed ones.
  • He/she should own an unencumbered asset such as a car, motorbike, boat etc. that can be used as collateral or security against the loan.
Loan Eligibility:
  • Borrowers need to be at least 18 years of age and need to own their asset outright.
  • Students, single parents, pensioner, self-employed, businesses and people Centrelink payments.
Checklist Click Here to view our requirements that you need to bring with you.

Why Choose Us Over Personal Credit Lender For Bad Credit Loans Sydney?

Both pawnbrokers and personal credit lenders provide cash loans, but their overall services are not equal. Private credit lenders hinge on credit checks and internal charges while pawnbrokers provide asset-backed cash loans. The assets can be cars, bikes, boats, machineries, or anything else which has value. Here are the differences between loans from Hock Your Ride, and the ones from Personal Credit Lenders.

Loans From Hock Your Ride Loans Loans From Personal Credit Lenders
No strikes against your credit or finances You will be harassed by the debt collectors if you default.
No hidden charges You’ll have to bear additional fees and charges
No credit checks, pay slips or bank statements are required Pay slips, bank statements are required
Fast processing of pawn cash loans Getting the loan approved is a very lengthy and tedious process
You’ll have your loan and cash in minutes* You will need upto 7 days to get approved if you are lucky
You can borrow $1000* and $80,000* against your asset You can get a loan up to $10,000 at the most.

If you desire to know more, continue reading Pawnbroker vs. Personal credit lender – Which Should I Choose?


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