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  • Hock Any Car – All makes considered
  • Hock Other Items of Value
  • Cash Loans $1,000 – $100,000
  • No Credit Checks 
  • Approval in Under 30 mins 

No.1 Pawnbrokers in Australia

Hock Your Ride has been operating as a reputable pawnbroker and moneylender for the past 15 years. With three locations across Australia: Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney, we are well equipped to provide you with any cash pawn loans. We provide everyday Australians with quick and easy cash loans using items of value as collateral.


Some areas we can come to you or alternatively organise pickup of your asset and dropoff of cash. We can evaluate your pawn loan over the phone in minutes. For a quick response give us a call now and speak to one of our customer service representatives.


Hock Your Ride loans you cash – up to 60% of the value of your car, truck, motorbike, jet ski or other vehicle. We process your application on the spot and in minutes you can have cash in hand.

What can you hock at our Pawn Shops?

We don’t just pawn cars and vehicles, we also take other items in excess of $1000 value.


  • Cars
  • Other types of Vehicles
    • Boat
    • Jetski
    • Caravan
    • Trailer
    • Truck
    • Motorbike
    • Machinery
  • Classic Cars
  • Jewellery (Gold & Silver only)
  • Luxury Watches
  • Pawn your Gold for cash

What do we require from you?’

  1. Your car for an evaluation (can be done over the phone)
  2. 2 Forms of Identification
  3. Registration Papers

Pawn Your Car

Hock Your Ride makes it easy for residents in Brisbane to pawn their car title for instant cash. We don’t do credit checks and you don’t need loan approval. The loan is secured against your car until the pawn loan is repaid in full. The agreed cash amount is based of the overall value and condition of the car. We also have drive away car pawn loans available in Queensland for customers living locally. Conditions Apply*


Ford, BMW, Mercedes, Holden, Toyota, Nissan, Dodge, Kia, Audi or any other car make give our friendly team a call today for a quote.


Car Pawn Conditions

  1. Car must not have any finance owing
  2. Car must be in a reasonable condition
  3. Car typically remains with us until loan repaid unless approved for a Drive Away Loan

Pawning Classic Cars

If you own a classic car and are short for cash, we can help you out. We have storage facilities at our Brisbane location if you are looking to keep your baby undercover while you manage other financial priorities. We understand not everyone is able to give away their pride and joy so this is where we can help you out. You can pawn your classic car with Hock Your Ride for an agreed amount. We will keep it in storage at our warehouse (cheaper than regular storage). Once you pay out the pawn loan you can come pick it up or keep paying just to have it stored. Pawn loans are offered on all types of classic cars generally 50 years and older. Everything from your Hot Rods to Classics.

Luxury Watches

Classical timepieces are made with a lot of time, sweat and tears. Quality watches generally hold their value over time and you may have a few sitting at home that you want to get rid off. Pawning your watch is a great way to get quick cash together without having to put yourself out. Hock Your Ride takes all types of quality watches for men and women. High end brand names to classical pieces. Enquire today for further information.

Pawning Your Vehicles

If you are looking for a place to keep your vehicles stored and get some quick cash at the same time. Hock Your Ride is the perfect place to leave your vehicle while you go away. Much cheaper than paying for storage and you also can leverage the vehicle for some extra cash until you return. 


Pawn loans are also offered if you are looking to get a cash loan in the short term. We take everything from boats, jet skis, caravans, motorbikes, trailers, trucks and machinery.

Jewellery (Gold & Silver) 

If you are looking to pawn your jewellery Hock Your Ride is able to help with any Gold or Silver items you may own. Pawning your family heirlooms is obviously not recommended however if you have some pieces of jewelry that you don’t wear anymore and are collecting dust. We can take them off your hands. Give us a call today for a quote.

Cash for Gold

Gold is considered highly valuable in an ever growing economy and some people buy gold as a long term investment. If you are looking to liquidate your gold into cash today Hock Your Ride can help you out. The Brisbane Pawnbrokers will conveniently exchange your Gold for cash. If you have any gold bars, gold jewellery or other gold items we are your one stop pawnbrokers.

Pawnshop Locations

  1. Brisbane – Yatala, Queensland
  2. Gold Coast – Burleigh Heads, Queensland
  3. Sydney – Liverpool, New South Wales


If you are hocking your car or applying for a car title loan, we take all types of models and makes: small family cars, sedans, 4wds, classic cars, sports cars, utes and many more. As long as your car is in reasonable condition you will be considered for a cash loan.

The owner of any vehicle is eligible to borrow money against his/her car. Ownership verification is required and the car must be in working condition. In simple terms you can’t have any outstanding finance against your car. Complete ownership of your vehicle means that you have the ability to borrow against the equity in your car.

Yes, the purpose of leverage your car to get finance is that we don’t use your credit history for loan approval. The cash loan is calculated based on the equity value in your car. The car is secured against the loan until the repayments are completed. This is why we are the perfect solution for people with bad credit history and in need of cash fast.

All of our car pawn loans generally fall within the range of $1000* to $100,000. The final agreed upon value of your car will determine the loan amount. If you would like to get a free evaluation and quote either give us a call on 07 3801 8808 alternatively you can drop into our warehouse in Yatala. With all your car details we are able to then research the vehicle for an estimated value and provide you with a cash loan on the spot.

If you are in a tricky situation and you live in Queensland. You might be eligible for our drive away car loan. We understand that sometimes you require your car for work however you also need some quick cash. This is the ideal loan for tradies.


Please note: This service is only being trialled in Queensland*

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