how to recover from bankruptcy
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How to recover from bankruptcy

How to Recover from Bankruptcy As Easily As Possible

People tend to think of bankruptcy as being one of the worst things that could happen to their finances. It is common to believe that your financial future is bleak once you go bankrupt.

Yet, this isn’t always the case. If you want to know how to recover from bankruptcy then the first step is to understand that recovery is possible.

There were over 15,000 bankruptcies in Australia in 2018-19, according to the Australian Financial Security Authority. Everyone who went through this unfortunate situation has the possibility of turning their finances around from now on.


 Why Do People Go Bankrupt?

There are many reasons why this happens. For instance, the main causes of personal insolvency are loss of employment or some other income source. Other factors include getting too heavily into debt, the end of a relationship and medical or legal problems.

In other cases, business-related bankruptcies can be due to a failing economy, a tough market or any one of a number of other situations.

These are things that can happen to any of us. So, it is important to always try and keep your finances under control. However, when the worst happens, going bankrupt can be a way of wiping the slate clean and starting again.


What Are Your Current Needs?

When you are made bankrupt it can seem as though your whole world is turned upside down. Suddenly, everything is different and you might not know how to get going again.

The first problem you may run into is a shortage of cash. Since financial problems have led you into this situation, it could take some time to get back on an even keel.

Because of this, a good starting point is by considering your current needs. Are you going to struggle to meet your normal living expenses and bills now? It can be a seriously difficult adjustment to make.


Can You Get a Bankruptcy Loan?

One thing that a lot of people don’t realise is that you can ask for a bankruptcy loan in this situation. It is common for anyone who has suffered bankruptcy to think that there is no way that anyone will lend them money.

While this may be true of banks and other conventional financial institutions, there are other options open to you when you are working out how to recover from bankruptcy.

At Hock Your Ride, your bankruptcy doesn’t matter, no matter when it happened. We are happy to lend money to anyone who can provide a vehicle or other asset as security.

This can be a huge advantage when you are trying to get back on your feet again. Even a relatively modest amount can be enough to help you get through this difficult period more easily.


Work Out What Went Wrong

As we saw earlier, there are many different reasons why people go bankrupt. In some cases, the reasons behind it might be obvious. In other situations, you might not be completely clear about what exactly happened.

If you aren’t sure what went wrong, it makes sense to go over everything. Can you now see what factors led to you losing control of your finances?

The reason this is important is that you want to avoid the same thing happening again in the future. While it might be painful to think about these things, doing so now will help to protect you from it happening again in the future.


Sort Out a Plan for Bankruptcy Repair 

Once your immediate needs are taken care of, it is time to see what you can do to sort out your finances in the longer term. The following are a few of the ideas that you should think about adding into this.

  • Set a monthly budget. A lot of financial problems are caused by not having a budget in place. This is a very simple step but if you miss it out then it can make life very difficult for you. Work out your exact income and then what your expected outgoings are. The results may be surprising, and they will help you to plan for the future more accurately.
  • Don’t fall behind with bills. One thing to avoid is the situation in which you fall behind with your bills. This is a real danger when you are recovering from bankruptcy and perhaps still a bit shocked by it all. You need to try and start off well, rather than letting your debts build up again.
  • Be careful not to over-spend. No matter what kind of lifestyle you were used to before the bankruptcy, it is important that you keep your spending under control now. The earlier step about setting a monthly budget should help in this respect. If you have a set limit to spend each week or month then sticking to it will help your financial health to recover more quickly.
  • Keep track of your expenses. A common reason for going bankrupt is that the person simply lost track of their expenses. This is understandable when we have so many things on our minds these days. Yet, it is very easy to use an online tool or mobile app to track your expenses without it turning into a time-consuming task.


How to Recover from Bankruptcy: Conclusion

Perhaps the key point here is to learn from the experience. Bankruptcy can happen to anyone, but if it happens to you then you want to make sure that it never happens again.

Taking out a bankruptcy loan help to get you through this period. After that, if you apply good financial management principles then you should find that it isn’t as difficult as you feared it would be.

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