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Car Pawn Brokers – Can a Pawnbroker Help Me When I Need Cash Fast?

Many of us are faced with a situation where we need “instant cash fast” for something we hadn’t anticipated or planned for properly. But if you have had a problem in the past and your credit history has been affected, you might find it a struggle to get an instant loan from your bank.

That is where a pawnbroking service could be of help to you. Many people have never used this sort of service before and aren’t sure what it is all about. Let’s take a look to see what you need to know.


 You may wonder…What is a pawnbroker?

Pawnbroking is the tradition of exchanging an item for a set period of time in return for cash. People have been using pawnshops for thousands of years; it likely originated in ancient China. The industry thrived in ancient Greece and Rome and has continued to do so throughout history.

Perhaps the most famous and historically important example was when Queen Isabella of Spain was said to have pawned some pieces of jewellery to pay for Christopher Columbus’s trip to America. Some historians now assert that this is simply a myth, although it seems that she was willing to do so if necessary and had already pawned them to cover other costs.

While it remains unclear whether Queen Isabella of Spain really did pawn her jewellery, this famous example helps to show us that this sort of transaction isn’t limited to any certain type of borrower. Anyone can use a pawnbroker for any reason, which is why they have been so popular for so many years.

In 1872, The Pawnbrokers Act was passed, establishing guidelines and restrictions for interest rates. As a result, the industry was better regulated and pawnbrokers were not allowed to sell stolen items in their shops.

In short, this is a long-established industry that is now more highly controlled than ever before. Dealing with a modern pawnbroker is easy, as the best names in the business have slick, professional processes in place.


How does a car pawn broker loan work?

A pawnbroker loans money in return for an item of value. They keep hold of the item for a set period of time, during which you can choose to pay an amount, plus interest, to get it back.

After that set period of time has expired, the item (it might be referred to as an asset, or collateral, for the purposes of borrowing money) belongs to the pawnbroker and they can sell it.

This gives people a high degree of flexibility in their finances that they might not have otherwise had. There are many different reasons for using a pawnbroker that you might be interested in.

For example, this is a simple way to get through to the end of the month or to pay for an unexpected big expense. You could look on it as being your own private bank.


What are the advantages of using a pawnbroker for fast cash?

There are plenty of reasons for giving this sort of service a try.  A major advantage of seeking a cash loan from a pawnbroker is that they will not be concerned if you don’t have a credit history. They will not carry out checks on your background as this doesn’t matter to them.

You can simply turn up with your item of value, receive a valuation and hand it over for instant cash. This makes it one of the simplest and most effective ways of borrowing some cash. Indeed, once you see how easy it is you will realise that you now another trusted way of getting hold of money in any emergency.




What assets can I use to secure a loan?

Different pawn shops accept different items and their terms and conditions can vary. It is advisable to take your item of value to a licensed Pawnbroker, such as the well-known Hock Your Ride, so you get a fair deal.

 Bear in mind that the maximum value you can borrow is based on the value of the item that you use as security. This is why high-value objects such as cars are especially popular for this type of transaction.


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With locations in Yatala, Burleigh Waters, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney. Hock Your Ride specialises in providing loans based on collateral with value, such as cars, motorbikes, trucks, boats, caravans, jet skis, trailers, machinery, and bikes.



Two forms of identification are required, one of which must be a photo I.D. If you secure a loan against your car, your vehicle is stored on one the secure premises. Otherwise, drive away loans let you carry on driving the vehicle even before you pay off the loan amount.

All loan calculations are based on an accurate valuation of the year, model and condition. After the evaluation instant cash is offered within minutes. There is no hanging around for you to worry about.


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